About Us

Actually, it is all about ME!

My name is Terry Grieve, and IBUGU LLC is my LLC. I have been in the technology sector since I was a sonar technician in the U.S. Navy in the early ’70s. I have been working in IT (Information Technology) for over 40 years. I retired in April of 2017 and started as an entrepreneur in offering internet services, with a specialty in Social Media Marketing. IBUGU, ibugu.com, has been marketing online since 1996.
My Services

  • Website and email hosting
  • Custom WordPress Design and Support
  • Social Media Marketing integration

My Offer

  1. I will analyze your online requirements.
  2. We will discuss the project and agree on a reasonable price.
  3. I will provide a FREE working demo.
  4. You will decide if you want to proceed.

Your Turn

Please complete the following form and I will contact you, usually within 2 to 24 hours.
I will email you as soon as I get your request.
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I am in California on Pacific time.
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